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To become a Security Officer in the State of Florida, you must first attend training from a Security School, licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture.  Some security companies will pay for your training, but most will not.  If you're thinking about a career in the security field, be prepared to pay for it yourself.  If a security agency has agreed to cover your costs, the organization will typically contact the approved training provider and arrange for training and payment. It is then up to you to complete the training.  You are required to attend the mandatory training, dress professionally when you attend the academy and be on time.


Before you attend our school or any other, you should know you will have to pay several fees to attain your Florida Security Licenses.  You could or will typically end up paying about $900 for both the 42-hour Unarmed 'D' License and the 28-hour 'G' Statewide Firearms License also known as the "Armed Guard Card or License". 


To become a 'D' Unarmed Officer our class rate is $150 when you pre-pay and pre-register. You then need to pay your application fee and fingerprinting fees and $97.75 to the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).  That's  a total of $247.75 for just your 'D' Unarmed License. Your Armed license is considerably more ($260 class fee/$100 Gun & ammo/$112 Licensing fee) but it will also earn you more pay.


To become an Armed Officer the PSG course fee is $260 and you must bring your own approved firearm and 150rd of brass cased ammo (Steel case not permitted).  The firearms must be a high capacity, quality duty carry type firearm in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45ACP with 3-4 (12rds or more) magazines.  If you don't own a firearm yet, you can also rent one of our Glock 9mm firearms for $100 extra which includes: 150rds of 9mm ammo, a Fobus paddle holster, a magazine pouch and all safety equipment (Ear and Eye Protection).  Total course price with gun rental and ammo is $350.  Then there are other required fees.  For the FDACS to process your license, you must have a 'G' License physical which is typically $125.  We have a Doctor who comes to our Academy and will do your physical so you don't have to go elsewhere. To get your Temporary 'G' card and get right to work, you need a Psychological test which we offer the computerized test for $100 or you can go see a Psychiatrist or Psychologist and pay around $300.   Finally, the FDACS fee for the license is $112.  That total comes to $687 and with the 'D' course, that's $934.75.  We're just warning you as other school don't tell you this.  We wont lie to you.    

To expedite your certification, we have a Concierge Doctor on-call for your Physical which is required for the 'G' Course.  She and her nurse will come to our school where in the privacy of our Instructor officer, she will perform your exam alleviating the inconvenience of you having to look for a clinic and travelling there.  The physical is a mandatory requirement of the 'G' application and the charge is only $125.  It must be booked on-line on the Doctor's banner on our Main Page. 


We also offer a computer Psychology Test ($100) which will then allow you to get your Temporary 'G' card.

As you can see, getting your Security licenses can be very expensive.  We are willing to help you by referring you to security companies who may opt to pay for your training.  Give us a call (888)822-2948 and ask about our referrals.    

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