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We love when our students enjoy our classes and leave great testimonials on our training.  Our Instructors do not train you to be a night watchman or rent-a-cops.  We are retired Law Enforcement Officers who teach professionals only.  We are the best and we train the best. Please take a minute to read these comments from my happy former students. 


Mr. Kelly Flanagan is the most down to earth instructor I’ve ever had. Being prior Air Force myself, Kelly brought in discipline but also made us laugh at any given moment. Not only did he make class entertaining but he was able to answer any and all questions. Other instructors beware, Mr. Flanagan is a top flight instructor and I give him 11 out of 10!

- Kevin Horseman, USAF Veteran


I recently attended the 28 hour "G" licensing class that Kelly was the principal instructor on. His humor and personal experiences made the class enjoyable and relatable to our field of employment. Having been in this industry myself for the last decade I appreciated Kelly's vast knowledge of multiple aspects of the security industry and I implore anyone who has an opportunity to take a course with Kelly to do it with out hesitation.

- Ted Ricca, Public Safety Officer at Bayfront Health


I highly recommend Kelly Flanagan as an instructor when you want to get your 'G' Security license.  I found Kelly to be highly knowledgeable of the subject matter and he kept things interesting.  Because much of the material can be dry and boring, Kelly uses his real life experiences and great sense of humor  to explain topics most students typically wouldn't understand.  Kelly is personable and always available to his students and I would definitely take classes from him in the future.  I am an Attorney who owns a Security Agency, and my partner and I attended the course to see what our officers should expect.  We will be sending ALL of our students to Kelly as we know they'll be well trained.

- Amilee M. Stuckey, Attorney, RPOF State Committeewoman for Polk County, Veterans Advocate & Political Consultant

John Y

“Exceptionally knowledgeable and interactive instructor. Very personable, yet professional and business like in his approach and presentation. Experienced and dedicated in his field. I highly recommend Mr. Flanagan!.”​
- John Yonitch, CPP®, Security & Safety Professional


I highly recommend Kelly for a 'G' instructor. Being from the military, training and PowerPoints can be deadly in the wrong ways, but Kelly was able to teach in a environment which we learned about the safety of duty and firearm safety. He was enjoyable and funny so that the training wasn’t hard to understand. Incredible teacher and instructor.

- James Simmons


Was a pleasure to take "G Weapons License Course" given by Instructor Kelly Flanagan. His teaching methods were superb and beyond any class experiences I have ever attended. He was very experienced and attentive in giving the best training to give his students. His knowledge of firearms tactics and flawless training techniques and his adamant stress of safety procedures ensure you are getting the best weapons training in the security field and beyond. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of the proper training.  I've trained with NYPD and other elite agencies and he's top notch. 

- Noel Rodriguez, Owner- Scorpion Intel Group LLC/Florida licensed Private Investigator/ Security Professional/Consultant   (Retired Detective ​NYPD/Organized Crime Control Bureau)


Amazing instructor. Mr Flanagan is great at what he does as an instructor. He makes sure every student understands the material and makes sure he answers any questions before moving on. he will never leave a student behind. But also on the safety side he will not let a student continue unless he feels that the student can handle a firearm safely without harming themselves or any other student.

- James Petro, Security Officer/Critical Interventions Services


I took the G Course last weekend and it's been close to 10 years since I've taken the course. Kelly incorporated real life experiences along with the course curriculum and made it very easy to understand. He was thorough and complete when it came to explaining the key points of being and Armed Officer. I highly encourage and recommend anyone who is looking to get their G License, to take this course with Kelly. I would also highly encourage even those of you who are "experienced shooters" to take the course. I consider myself a good shot and with Kelly's guidance and pointers, he got me back to the fundamentals, which is all you really need to be successful and safe when handling a firearm. If you're looking to get your Concealed Weapons Permit, I would highly encourage you to take this 28 hour course as you will learn way more and feel more confident carrying a firearm. If you're a first timer and never even seen a firearm up close or handled one, Kelly will teach you how to use it. How to use it safely, responsibly and accurately. I've taken many courses over the years and this by far, was one of the best led courses.

- Jeremy Jolley, Security Professional/Loss Prevention Manager

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