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If you want to become a Security Guard in Florida, you must 1st complete the D Security Guard course

In order to be a security guard in Florida, it requires completion of the 40-hour Class 'D' Unarmed Security Officer Course along with a 2-hr final exam to be qualified to work private security. The Security D Course is a security training class which will teach students the basic principles of working as a security guard. A security guard will learn physical security measures aimed to protect people, information, and assets from compromise or harm as they will learn to Deter, Detect, Delay, Respond, Recover to incidents and threats. The security D course will provide security guard students with the security training needed to work in the private security industry. The security training will prepare security guards in the following topics: access control, terrorism awareness, emergency procedures, report writing, interviewing techniques, Intro to First Aid/CPR/AED and crime prevention. A fully trained security guard in Florida can make up to as high as $26-an-hour or possibly more


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