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Train with the Best!!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Peacekeeper Security Group is the premier tactical training center in the Tampa Bay region centered in Pasco county on SR-54 between Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills in the Mission Square Plaza and easily accessible from I-75, I-275, and even I-4. Our classes are smaller than at those other schools you've seen advertised on your Google Search so you get more attention from the Instructors and we take pride in our facility and it shows. We also expect more from our students. We are professionals and expect you to be also. We expect you to show up dressed appropriately and those not will be asked to leave. Think "Tactical Casual". We ask you don't show up in sleep wear, gym clothes, open toed shoes/slides or flip flops. We also ask that you show respect for your instructors. Be a Silent Professional.

Our instructors will instruct you on the latest tactics utilized by Law Enforcement and Military practitioners and when you graduate from Peacekeeper with our certificate, you will be the professional officer security companies are searching for.

Other companies say in their ads they will assist you in job placement, which is a bold face lie. Having a corkboard with business cards is not "job placement". We too have a "jobs" corkboard but we also have relationships with numerous agencies and we will do our best to find you a position that fits your needs.

Join us at Peacekeeper and learn from the best.

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