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Parallel Lines

Available Services
(by Appointment Only)
You must call (888)822-2948 and pre-pay for the course over the phone. 

Some folks just don't care to attend their annual 4-hour requalification next to a class of gun toting newbs  

If you want your own Private

4-hr Requalification, then this

may be the option for you. 

Privater Requalifications are $150 when held at the West Armory, an indoor/air conditioned range in Dade City.

Available some Thursdays and  Friday - Sunday 8AM-12PM.

NOTE: Students must pay additional fees for gun rental and ammunition. We pay range fees and ear protection fees.

Additional Services

Coming Soon

Our regular bi-monthly 'G' requalification is held at the Wyoming Antelope Club (WAC) every other Wednesday. 

If you can't  attend on a Wednesday, but you wish to fire at the WAC we can do Private Requals on a Sunday at the WAC but we need at least a 3-5 day notice to schedule, if the range is not reserved.  The Cost is $150 and that's non-negotiable, Pilgrim.

Call (888)822-2948 to set it up.

Additional Services

Coming Soon

If you call me on Friday and say you need to shoot by Sun, expect to pay a little bit extra. 

My time is extremely valuable.

There is a $50 additional fee for no-notice appointments. 

If you fail to qualify on the first attempt and our time together goes over the 4-hr minimum, there is an additional $25-hr fee added for each additional hour.

Additional Services

Coming Soon

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