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Why "Off-handed" shooting practice is necessary.

Drill of the Week: Two Hands – Strong Hand – Support Hand

Many people overlook the importance of getting familiar and proficient with shooting one-handed. When would you shoot one-handed? The short answer is, only when you have to. The examples here are focused on personal defense. The first reason people usually give for reasons they’d be shooting with only one hand is because of an injury to your shoulder/arm/hand. In addition to this, there are plenty of other reasons, some perhaps more likely, that we would need to do this; you may have a child that you are having to hold on to while moving to cover, or you may be dragging a wounded person to safety when another threat pops up.

Shooting with one hand is harder than with two. It’s harder to hold the sights steady, and harder to manage the recoil and get a quick next sight picture. All of the same shooting fundamentals still apply with one handed shooting. The trigger squeeze may be slightly harder since you are having to support the gun in just one hand and also pull the trigger with a finger from that hand.

Start in the high ready position, present out and take one shot using your standard two-handed grip. Then remove your support hand and take one shot using your strong hand only. Carefully transfer the pistol into your support hand – stay out of the trigger well during the transfer! Take one shot using your support hand only. Return the gun to your strong hand and go back to gripping with both hands in the ready position. Repeat. It’s generally best to start this drill at three yards. Work your way out to five yards as you keep your groups tight.

Tip – when shooting with one hand, try canting the gun just slightly to the inside. This will help the gun recoil in a more natural alignment with your arm/body.

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